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Example of Recount Text : The Horrible Thing in the Class

Example of Recount Text : The Horrible Thing in the Class, contoh recount text

Mirwaners, the recount text below is a story that truly happened to me.

"Some years ago when I was a third semester student of Riau University, I got a horrible incident that I couldn’t forget until now. It’s been playing in my head since that incident occured.

On that day, the lecturer asked us to prepare a material about Lingua Franca. This material would be presented individually in front of the class on the next day. Unfortunately, I got the first turn to present it.

In the night after that day, I did something else that absolutely useless. I went around with my friends until midnight. After I reached home, due to sleepy, I went to sleep immediately. As a result, I forgot to prepare the material that I should present it on tomorrow class.

In the next morning, I woke up and suddenly realized that I hadn’t yet prepared the material for that day’s class. I couldn’t imagine,it was my turn to present something in front of the class. I had to present Lingua Franca on that day.

I horribly went to the classroom. When I got into that classroom, I sat on the chair silently. I was afraid if the lecturer angry with me. The lecturer hadn’t came in. After some minutes later, I heard someone walked from outside heading to our classroom. The foot step sound was so horrible for me. I was sweaty. My heart beat quickly.

The lecturer came in. Some minutes later, the lecturer asked me to present the material in front of the class. I did not have anything to present on that time. Then I told the lecturer that I was not yet ready to present the material about Lingua Franca. Luckily, the lecturer was not angry with me. Then she let other student to take my turn.

At last, I thought relief. Thanks god. I hoped this incident would not happen again in my life."

Mirwan Choky

2 komentar untuk "Example of Recount Text : The Horrible Thing in the Class"

  1. Tanya boleh Mirwan? Gimana tips belajar bahasa Inggris biar mantap, dan gak bosen. Saya pengen belajar bahasa Inggris otodidak.


    1. Supaya gak bosan, coba hubungkan antara hobby mu dan belajar bahasa inggris. Contohnya, jika kamu suka membaca suatu cerita atau cerita dongeng, maka bacalah yang berbahasa inggris, garis bawahi/kasi tanda vocabulary yg kamu tidak ketahui. Atau jika kamu suka menulis/curhat, tulislah dgn bhsa inggris. Intinya selalu praktis. Jangan takut salah.