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Example of Narrative Text (Fabel) : The Talking Cave

Example of Narrative Text (Fabel) : The Talking Cave, contoh cerita narrative

There was a thick jungle. It was inhabited by wild animals.

One day, a hungry lion roamed the forest in search of food. But he could not find any animal. “What happened today? I have not come across a single animal”, said the hungry lion. The more he wandered, the hungrier he became.

The lion went around the cave and sniffed. “The fellow must have gone out. I shall go in and wait for him. I’m sure he will just walk into the cave.” said the lion. So the lion went in and hid himself in a dark corner. “Hahahaha...He will walk straight into my mouth already I find my mouth watering.” said the lion.

The sun was settling on the other side of the hill. The cave was the home of a jackal. He returned shortly after the lion had gone in. As he was about to enter the cave, he noticed the footprints. “Hi! What is this? Foot prints of a huge animal. These are the footprints of a lion or a tiger. Probably he is still inside. It may be dangerous to go in. Let me find out.” Said jackal.

Jackal was clever. He called out in a loud voice. There was silence. He shouted again. “Hello, cave! Hello, my dear cave! You always welcme me when i return home. Why are you quiet today? If you do not reply, i shall go to sme other cave.” The lion heard the shouts  of the jackal. “I think this cave is in the habit of welcoming the jackal. Now the cave is afraid of me and is silent. The Jackal will go aways if he is not welcomed. Hello! Welcome home, my friend.” the lion replied the Jackal’s shouts.
The cever Jackal’s suspicious about there being a lion or tiger inside the cave was confirmed. “Oh my god! That is a lion’s voice. Let me run.” Said the Jackal.

Moral value:

Intelligent people are always cautious in what they do.

Mirwan Choky

2 komentar untuk "Example of Narrative Text (Fabel) : The Talking Cave"

  1. Hahaha...nice story! I should tell this story to my sons.

    1. Hehehe... Thanks. Hopefully this story can entertain your sons.