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Old-New Photo Combination Challenge Goes Viral on Facebook

Mirwaners, guess what, today I unintentionally saw something rare in my Facebook timeline that I have never seen before. Guess what it is! I saw some of my male friends of Facebook uploaded a pair of photo telling that he is different from he was. Remember! Only male friends did this. I could not find any of my female friends of Facebook uploaded a photo like my male friends did. It is weird, right?

When I saw this on my timeline, I directly tried to find why they do that. I tried to read the caption of the photo and the comments. Some of the caption told they got a challenge to combine between the photo they firstly uploaded with the photo they currently uploaded on Facebook. And the result shows they are now mostly different from some years ago. Some of them were skinny and now they are very big and fat. Just look at below photos :

Lovely Han

One of them did not show much different, yet their hair style looks changed a lot. 


And there is also one of them combined his photo with other person’s photo. I guess he wants to look like a person’s photo he combined with. Here is his photo :

Encik Bear
At first, I felt I was challenged to upload a photo just like they did. But I could find any of my old photos that show much different from my new photos. Therefore, I cancelled the plan. I did not upload such amazing combination photos. There’s nothing to combine.

After seeing this post, then, what do you think? Are you challenged to do the same thing? What do you have in your mind about them? Did they do it for fun? Were they challenged by their friends to do so? Or they just wanted to be creative? Leave a comment below.

Mirwan Choky

2 komentar untuk "Old-New Photo Combination Challenge Goes Viral on Facebook"

  1. perempuan biasanya tidak suka org tahu akan kisah silamnya, tambah pula kalau dulunya mereka tidak secantik sekarang

  2. Ye betol. Mungkin sebab tu lah saya tak ada jumpa diorang buat foto macam foto kat atas ni.