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7 Ways How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

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Mirwaners! There are so many reasons why you can not fly with your favorite flight. One of them is that there is no airplane ticket promo. But don't be sad, you just need to know the following things so you can get cheap flights tickets at any time, without depending on promotions.

7 Ways How to Get Cheap Flights

1. Determine the travel period

It's no secret that transportation modes will have high rates for high-season comes. Choose vacation time in certain months, for example September-November and February-April. In addition, days and dates also have a lot of influence. Usually the ticket above the 20th is cheaper than at the beginning of the month. Also avoid traveling on weekends starting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you don't want to suddenly get broke at the end of the month.

2. Get to know the lowest airline prices

Here you need extra work to research and compare prices from certain airlines, both during promos and not. Make sure again whether the price offered is indeed the lowest price or even cheaper. By diligently looking at ticket prices on the website or the Online Travel Agent (OTA), after a long time you will get used to and be able to immediately understand the price changes.

3. Become a member and actively update the latest info

Today's modern and digital era, social media is one of the fastest platforms for disseminating information, including if there is an airplane ticket price promo. So don't forget to follow airline social media accounts and travel agents. You can also subscribe to their newsletter via email for the latest information updates. Even though you are not a discount hunter, but if by chance there are cheap tickets, why not, right?

4. Use OTA that has special features

The Online Travel Agents (OTA) is now mushrooming. We as consumers end up benefiting because the intense competition between OTAs makes them compete to be the best. One of them in developing features in the application. Certain OTAs now also have a "Price Alerts" feature that allows us to control and adjust ticket prices. When you have input in the application how much budget do you pay for, there will be a notification that automatically appears when there are plane tickets that match your budget. Traveloka and Sky Scanner are two of them.

5. Pay attention to your tour destination

If your destination is to places that are quite popular such as Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, nimble fingers are needed so the best price can be obtained. Don't be surprised if the price is very volatile and can change to become more expensive in just a matter of hours, even minutes.

For that, you need to have the lowest price barometer for airlines, according to your visit period. If everything is synchronized, it's better to order the ticket right away. But if your destination city is not a tourist area route that has high flight traffic, then the price tends to be static. The reason is because the airline with the route implements a year-round fare system.

6. Choose the right airline

Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airlines have prices that tend to be cheaper, especially if the distance of bookings with departure time is quite far, for example in a matter of months. But if the booking is a few days or a week before departure, the price difference can make you dizzy.
One of the LCC airlines that has the fastest change in price is Lion Air, which can change every 2-3 hours. But on the contrary, full-service airlines usually adhere to a year-round fare system, so the ticket prices will not change much.

7. Choose your seat

Many travelers say that the seat where we sit also contributes to determining the price. Cheap ticket benches tend to be close to the engine, which is relatively noisy.

If you travel with your group, there is one tip you can do, which is to buy tickets separately. The reason is because the number of seats near the engine room is limited. For example, there are only three seats at a price of Rp. 500 thousand, the rest are seats worth Rp. 700 thousand. If you order 5 seats at once, OTA will automatically direct you to the seat of Rp. 700 thousand, the number of available seats according to order. Unless if you book separately, such as 3 seats for Rp500 thousand and the rest at Rp700 thousand. Can save up to IDR 600 thousand, right?

Hopefully after this your vacation is no longer a problem just because of running out of cheap airline ticket promos. Good luck!

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