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4 Reasons Why I go to Gym

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Hello, Mirwaners! Are you asking me the reason why I go to gym? Did you know that previous research has found that men who are unhappy with their bodies tend to spend more time working out? But, for me, going to gym is not merely because of unhappy with my body. I go to gym for these reasons :

1. Exercise makes me more confidence

Once I was not that confident standing in front of hundreds people. I was so slim at that time. I felt I’m not that attractive. But then, since I have my body shaped, I would be feeling happy if I’m asked to stand and give a speech in front of many people. You know, I’m a travel blogger. Sometimes, people want me to deliver my travelling experience to the audience.

2. Exercise makes me look better

I didn’t say that I’m handsome. Believe it or not, since I have been involving in gym activities, I found that there are many girls want me to be their couple. On Instagram, I frequently got direct message from some girls asking whether I already have a couple. I assume they like me. Apart from that, I have ever read that there’s one study in the Social Psychological & Personality Science showed women find men with less facial fat is more attractive and another study from the University of California found women overwhelming prefer built and toned guys. 

3. Exercise makes me more healthy

It’s not a secret any more that exercising makes us healthy. Many people know it that exercising causes the body to make chemicals that can help a person to feel good. I always feel this. Whenever I’ve finished exercising, I feel relieve. In additional, exercise can help me sleep better. Plus, exercise can give me a real sense of accomplishment and pride at having achieved a certain goal, like beating an old time in the 100-meter dash. My gosshhh… I love that.

4. Being at the gym makes me get more friends

I love making friends wherever I am at. Even at gym. I sometimes arrive at the same time with other gym-goers, and frequently use the same machines and perform the same circuit of exercises. By the chance, I interact with other exercisers, and sometimes say “Are you still using this?” Day after day, I’m friends with them.

So, guys, those are the reasons why I go to gym. I’m actually the most motivated individual in the gym. I want to improve myself to be a better man, inside and outside. What about you?

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