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4 Things You Should Never Do in The Gym

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Mirwaners! Regular exercise at the gym does not guarantee you would get an athletic and fit body in a short time. Especially if your time management at the gym is less optimal. Do read my daily fitness tips today, and try to check if you do one or more of the things below. 

1. Go to the gym, but don’t do exercise
You may often see people like this: coming to the gym dressed in sports, but spending time staring at girls in yoga classes, busy chatting — or selfies — with their smart phones, even socializing, gossiping at the gym. The more time allocated to other things, the less time spent for exercising. As a result, don't expect a fit and athletic body to be yours in the future.

2. Hard to move on
No, not move on from your ex, unless the memory of him/her makes it difficult for you to lift a barbell. What I mean by moving on is related to your exercise pattern at the gym. If you firmly run a treadmill at 7 mph, or faithfully use a 20 Kg load when bench press for more than 3 months, your body has been perfectly adapted. The effect is that the exercise you do will not be optimal, unless you increase your running speed or add more loads.

Oh, yes. This also applies to those of you who only love weight training and consider cardio only for obese people, and vice versa.

3. Spot Reduction only
Wanting to get a sixpack just with sit ups? Most likely you will be disappointed, especially if you don't burn excess fat in your body first. You are more likely to get a sixpack if first percent of your body fat is ideal, just begin to train the muscles of your body, including the stomach.

4. Doing it wrong — and too embarassed to ask 
In both weight training and cardio, the right movement must be a priority. Wrong movement, your calories are not burned perfectly. Your muscle formation is not perfect, even the risk of injury increases. Therefore, make sure you research the right movements in exercise, or ask the right people. Especially if you are new to the world of fitness, personal trainers can be the right step to instill a good and right exercise base. And, it's better to ask a certified personal trainer than a gym "elder".

I believe, an active man like you must have good time management, including when exercising in the gym. If not, this list can be your notes for more optimal training and maximum impact. 

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