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9 Gym Tips for Beginners

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Hello, guys! Do you want to start exercising at gym? If you do, it looks like you need to start reading this. This is about gym tips for beginners.

1. Search for knowledge about the Gym

Before you start exercising at gym, it's good for you to look for as many knowledge about sports from different sources. Magazines, books, articles on the internet, or workout videos on Youtube which discuss about the gym for beginners. Some fitness icon from Indonesia like Ade Rai, Jansen Ongko, Halim Tsiang, Adrian Maulana, Chef Edwin, Bobby or Ida, Akram Soldiers often share their knowledge about fitness, gym, and pattern of regular meals on their social media. Even some of them are already there who wrote a book about it. Usually gym beginners like you'll feel confused with good movement. Well, the inspirator of this give their knowledge to you. So, enrich your knowledge first before starting a gym.

2. Create a workout schedule

Create a workout schedule and obey it. Within a week, you are advised to practice a maximum of 4 times a week since you are just a beginner. Well, the schedule could be like this; on Monday, train your triceps, chest, and belly. On Tuesday, you practice your back, bicep, and bottom. On Thursday, exercise the legs, shoulder, side and stomach, as well as Fridays you training triceps, chest, and abdomen. Then adhere to the schedule that you have piles of them.

3. Create a realistic targets

What kind of body you want to achieve? Whether like Ade Rai who filled with chunks of muscle? Or like the models of health magazine that has lean muscle? Or ..., do you want to have a toned body and athletic like Melanie Putria, Maria Selena, or Radisti Radisty? Determine realistic targets. I mean, if you want to lose your body fat, your target could be go down 1-1.5 kg per week. While for those of you who want to add muscle mass, add muscle mass 500 g a week.

4. Keep consuming healthy Food

Yup, keep consuming healthy food. The main rule is "medium carbs, high protein, and low in fat". Maybe this is the hardest thing. But that does not mean to be an excuse for you not to regulate and consume healthy food.

5. Supplements?

Well, supplement has always been the most frequently asked questions by newbies, such as "what is the best supplement to bring up muscle quickly?". Guys, supplement is a food additive. So, adjust your diet first, because it's only an additional.

6. Become a Member

Believe or not, becoming a member of any gym center will force you to practice. You have spent your money to pay the membership. So if you don't use the membership, you will feel loss.

7. Find the Gym Buddy

What's a gym buddy? Gym buddy is a friend of fellow members in gym where you practice. By having a gym buddy, you'll find it had debts of appointments with your buddy's gym when you neglect your practice schedule at the gym. In addition, the gym buddy will be the success parameter of your exercise. Such as he had ever followed a body contest, you can make him as inspiration for you to be like him.

8. Hire a Personal Trainer

It is not a must. But since you are a beginner, you should be guided by a professional personal trainer. They will be scheduling the best exercise for you. They will also be willing to help you to make the right moves when practicing.

9. Discipline and Patience

These are two things you have to do all the time. Remember, everything must have a process. So, if your body has not changed in week, just be patient and keep practicing. Evaluate your pattern of exercise, diet, and rest time. I used to take 3 months to be in losing weight 12, because my target is not only losing weight, but also raising muscle mass. So, enjoy the process.

That’s all the 9 Gym Tips for Beginners.

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