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The Real Benefits of Push Ups

The Real Benefits of Push Ups, How to Do Push-Up, There are many benefits of push-ups that can be obtained, benefits of push ups for males and females

Mirwaners! There are many benefits of push-ups that can be obtained. The benefits of push-ups, in addition to strength training, it can also help you to reduce weight, improve body balance, and make your heart healthier.

Push-ups are one type of exercise that can be done at home without using equipment. Push-ups include isometric resistance exercise, which is the movement carried out using immovable objects to trigger the body's muscle contraction. This movement can train the strength and endurance of your body.

Benefits of Push-ups

There are various benefits of push-ups that can be obtained if you do it regularly :

1. Maintaining your muscle and bone health
Maintaining healthy muscles and bones should be done from puberty, because after this period every year you will lose at least 3 to 5 percent of muscle and bone strength. Therefore you need to do strength training, such as push-ups that focus on muscles and bones in the chest and arms.

2. Preventing and treating sarcopenia
Sarcopenia is a condition where muscle mass decreases due to aging in the muscles. One of the causes of sarcopenia is lack of activity. Exercise that can increase strength, such as push-ups, can trigger muscle mass formation.

3. Building upper body muscles
Push-up movements use more of the upper body muscles, namely the triceps (the outer muscles of the upper arm) and the chest. Although it only focuses on the upper body, push-ups can also strengthen other body parts. Because when you do a good push-up, other muscles, including the abdominal muscles, back and legs, will be active.

4. Tighten your limbs
Doing push-ups 12-15 times a day, and supported by other movements, can help tighten and shape your arms, abdomen, buttocks, and legs.

How to Do Push-Up

In order to get maximum results, of course you need to do the right push-up. Do not make the mistake of lifting the upper part of the body by using the muscles of the stomach, buttocks, or the lower part of the body as the main driver. The right movement is to activate the arm and chest muscles.

In the down position, don't let your chest touch the floor. Hold at least 5 cm from the floor. And during a push-up movement, keep the body in a straight line, from the head, back, buttocks, to the legs.

One way to get a healthy, fit, and ideal body weight is to do push-ups regularly. Get rid of feeling lazy and other reasons, start thinking about all the benefits of push-ups that you can get. Okay?

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