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Performance vs. Safety Parts for Your Yamaha Bolt

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Mirwaners! The Yamaha Bolt is an excellent cruiser for riders of all experience levels. Thanks to its low weight and torquey engine it has admirable performance but it still manageable for novice riders. Better yet, it is ready for some upgrades with Yamaha bike parts. If you own a Yamaha Bolt, you may want to make some changes to match your riding style. Perhaps you want to squeeze some more performance from the engine or to step up the safety features a little. Fortunately, there are some great options for OEM and aftermarket parts no matter what changes you want to make.

Upping the Performance

Air flow is essential to getting the most performance from any internal combustion engine. Try getting some extra horsepower and torque from your Yamaha Bolt with a high flow air filter from K&N Performance Filters.

Managing engine heat is also important to performance. Consider a Cycle Performance Exhaust Pipe Wrap to reduce heat exchange from your exhaust, especially in warmer climates. This small change can help keep your engine from overheating so you can push your bike more and for longer.

Focus on Safety

Riding is a great hobby and way to get around. However, there is no denying that it can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced riders. Some OEM or motorcycle aftermarket parts can help you keep your Yamaha Bolt as safe as possible.

Try upgrading to grippier tires to help keep control. For example, try the Shinko 777 Heavy Duty Cruiser Tires. These improve stability and last longer than the stock tires. Also, consider a brake upgrade. The Bikemaster Sintered Brake Pads offer superior stopping ability, so you can be sure your Yamaha Bolt will be ready to stop on a dime.

Get Started

Whether you want to get more performance from your bike, to enjoy a safer ride or both, modifying the Yamaha Bolt is the way to go. Finding the right balance of performance and safety ensures you can continue to enjoy riding for as long as you like.

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