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10 Signs That You Just Bought A Fake Pageant Licence

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Here are some tips to those in the pageant industry who buy licences. I got these tips from Facebook Fanpage MisterteenIndonesea Kepri. Don’t be deceived by the words “international”, “model” or “pageant”. People will resort to anything if they want to use your money for their holiday travel.

10. Once the money has been transferred via Western Union, they never reply you that money has been received. Fortunately, Western Union will drop you a message once the person draw the money.

9. You asked for a friend request from the owner of the pageant and he never accept, even after receiving the money. When you travel all the way and meet the owner, he still do not want to accept your friend request. Even after you bring gifts from your country and passed personally to him, he still do not want to accept your friend request. He pretends he does not know you.

8. He made contestants stay in an accommodation with intermittent electricity and poor water supply. Yes its his team holiday, not the contestants.

7. When you bring gifts to be given to every country contestant, they stopped you and ask for more money.

6. When you try to book the hotel room together with the rest of the entourage, you are refused the group price and you pay walk in rate for the hotel stay.

5. When parents of some of the countries involved in the pageant followed and stayed in the same hotel and you wanted to join in and ask, they block you.

4. When they conduct most of the briefing in their own language, even when comes to dangerous activities like handling a live tiger. They probably want you to die so that they can maybe claim accident insurance.

3. They ask everyone to vote for some of the awards (coz most awards they already determine the winner). But even if your voting is more than 10 times of their winner, they will still declare their choice of winner.

2. Fake prizes. They say things like for the talent segment, the winner wins a trip to Seychelles or something along that line.

And the number 1 sign that you have just bought a fake pageant licence is:

1. They created a country eg Saona Island so that they can give him awards such as 1st runner up, etc.

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