15 Ways How to Look Handsome, Masculine, and Attractive

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Mirwaners! In the past, I still remembered the perception of men in the eyes of most people. "Manly guys don't like grooming, messing, their favorite sports are definitely football and boxing", is a rather awkward perception that sticks to the minds of people around us, or even yourself.

Fortunately nowadays there is enough improvement in terms of perceptions of men. Men, the so-called cool and masculine have various kinds. You don't have to force yourself to be flirty with each girl or hang out all the soccer matches if you don't like them. Is it nice that you force yourself to be 'someone else' who is the opposite of your original personality?

In this opportunity, I will share some ways how to look handsome so that you look attractive and masculine everyday. It's really easy bro. These ways are divided into three parts to make it easier to read: Fashion, Grooming, and Attitude. Continue reading below.

Part 1: Men's Dress Style

The first thing you can do to improve your handsomeness is to use the right style of your dress. Make sure you don't make trivial and fatal mistakes that are often done by men in dressing. When you make a mistake in style, your body will look strange so your coolness will also decrease dramatically!
Here are tips that you can do to look cool :

1. Wear clothes that are just right size

Whatever your body type, the right clothes to wear everyday are clothes that are the right size on your body. When you wear clothes and pants that are too tight or big, your body shape will look 'weird' so that people around you will wrinkle their foreheads when they see you, instead of being amazed and fascinated by your style.

Indeed there are certain exceptions where wearing oversized or tight clothing is more profitable or attractive. In the context of daily activities, the recommended size of clothing is still the right size on the body.

2. Pay attention to the shoes you use

Maybe you feel that shoes are not something that should be overlooked because their position is under the feet. Big mistake bro! Other people (especially women) always see your appearance at a glance from top to bottom.

If you use shoes that are not right (for example, you wear sneakers when you come to formal office events) or your shoes are dirty, then the impressions of others will drop dramatically against you. You will be labeled messy, and your aura will be reduced. What a shame, right? From now on, diligently take care of sneakers and polish your leather shoes.

3. Prepare your Outerwear

For those who are still unfamiliar, outerwear is a garment that is usually worn to cover the main clothes (Tshirts or shirts) that you wear. Examples of outerwear include suits, jackets, hoodies, blazers, cardigans, and so on. Wearing the right outerwear will add value to you. Apart from that, outerwear is also useful for hiding the appearance of t-shirts or shirts that didn't get ironed.

4. Adjust the Dress Style with the Right Moment

Even if you have chosen expensive brand clothes and accessories, not shabby, and feel super cool, all of those can disappear instantly when you missuse the style of dress at a certain moment. The simplest example is, you go to the swimming pool with a super neat suit with the aim of swimming (not being a bodyguard for a particular artist). The impression of people around you will drop.

5. Pay Attention to Other Men Who Become Role Models

If you have a colleague in the office or are walking outside or maybe a male celebrity who is popular, then pay attention to them whom look attractive. See what you think makes the person physically attractive. Is it just a handsome face, the way they wear clothes, or maybe how they wear accessories (hats, watches, necklaces, etc.)?

You can check their inspirational style, or even consult directly with the person. Generally, people who have good clothes even though not too handsome will look more attractive than handsome people but the way they dress is a mess. Increase confidence and take inspiration from these people for your style of dress.

Part 2: Body Care that Men Need to Do

If your dress style is cool, then your aura of independence has risen by at least 33%. It's time for you to start organizing yourself by paying attention to your body better. Ever heard the term Grooming? If you haven't or you are still very familiar with basic male body care, you can try checking here.

Basically, here are some body treatments that you can do to dramatically improve your appearance.

1. Treat both Beard and Mustache

Are there beard and mustache on your face? If the hair on your face is clean and neat, then your appearance will look more attractive. Beard also has a function to increase the value of a man's masculinity and maturity.

For those of you who don't have beard and feel insecure with your own face, you have to know that beard can be a very effective alternative to make your face look more attractive. If you already have beard or mustache but feel lazy to take care of it, then you should shave it off bro. Shredding and ragged mustache will reduce your appearance dramatically.

2. Choose the Right Hair Style

Conscious or not, many men who look much more attractive because their hairstyle fits their face shape. Hair is an inseparable part of the head so that it can 'manipulate' one's form to become more attractive or worse in the eyes of those who see it.

To get a hairstyle that emits an aura of handsomeness on you to a maximum, it might take a few trials. Make sure you first check the general guidelines for men's hairstyles. Do experiment until you feel satisfied with one kind hairstyle.

3. Use the Right Perfume

The scent of the body also has a high influence on one's impressions. Men whose faces are so so but clean and fragrant will be very attractive in a woman's eyes compared to a handsome but shabby and smelly one. Use perfume, the fragrance you really like and not too sting so as not to disturb people around you.

You need to recognize some types of perfume so you don't buy and use wrong perfume. For example, if you use body spray when going to work, then you have to spray every hour or two so that the fragrance lasts. The most suitable for an 8 hour duration is eau de perfume.

In order to not buy it wrong, you can also check some of the best-selling cheap men's perfume recommendations to be a guide for you. This is useful if you're confused about what perfume is suitable for you to use. Also make sure that you buy original perfume, yes, not fake or refill.

4. Use Skincare and Lotion

Unless you use astronaut clothing, some of your body's skin will be visible from the outside. Therefore, keeping your body skin good is something you should do if you want to look cool. How to maintain your body's skin in a basic way is actually easy bro. First, make sure you drink enough so that your skin looks moist. Second, use skincare that contains moisturizer (moisturizer). Third, use a skincare that contains sunscreen (sunscreen) if you do a lot of activity in the hot sun.

5. Keep your Face Clean

Even if you don't have a handsome face, don't let your face get dirty and you don't care about the cleanliness. The men whose faces are clean actually look attractive in the eyes of others. For those of you who have skin hygiene problems, you better start consulting with a dermatologist to clean your face.

For those of you who have oily facial skin, make sure to diligently wash your face to prevent acne. Generally, washing your face is done twice a day to clean up the dirt accumulating on the face. If your face is clean and your face looks durable, people around you (especially women) will feel that you are really handsome!

Part 3: Attitudes and Behaviors of Masculine Men

Already tired of being stylish and caring for your body, your cool aura can still disappear just because of your non-macho attitude and behavior. What is the masculine male behavior and attitude that we should have? See directly below.

1. Strapping and Eye Contact

The masculine man should walk upright wherever he goes. Walking and standing upright displays high self-esteem, so that people around you and the other person will be more amazed at you. If your posture is indeed hunchback, try to walk with your eyes facing forward.

When talking to someone, look in the eye to maintain a 'connection' between you and him. Talking to the other person (as long as it's not too much) also gives the impression of being polite and the other person will feel valued. Not only that, you can make your interlocutor become more interested in you through eye contact. 

2. Respect others

Masculine men will respect those around them, regardless of whether they are male or female. Avoid swearing, making inappropriate words, or taunting someone based on their shortcomings (especially if you don't really know the person). Don't let your actions go into bullying bro.

As a masculine man, you also need to learn to act and make decisions with a cool head. If you are light-handed or do violence to others or your partner, then you are not really manly bro. Prove that you can control yourself as a man.

3. Maintain Body Hygiene and Fitness

Not only the outer appearance, the masculine man also needs to keep the body from the inside. When you are healthy and fit, your aura of strength will be easier to emit bro. If you look tired, your attractiveness will decrease dramatically. Be diligent in doing sports such as going to the gym or jogging on Car Free Day. If you are lazy, you can also do light exercise in your own room such as push ups and sit ups. 

4. Smile

Some said, smiling brightens the world around you. Those who see you smile will be carried away as well as being happier. As a result, the impression of your handsomeness increases. Not only that, smile is another way to show confidence, and self-confidence will make your aura of handsomeness more and more gushing.

Oh yes, smiling can also burn calories. Smile often as part of your diet program. For those of you who have good teeth, don't be shy to show your teeth when smiling. The women will definitely fall in love with men who have charming smiles with good teeth.

5. Be yourself

One last important thing which is the attitude of a masculine man is to be yourself. When you force your appearance and lifestyle like everyone else (eg favorite celebrity), then you will lose your identity. Being yourself makes you feel more comfortable and enjoy your everyday life, so you are more enthusiastic and confident.

For example, me, myself, I’m not happy to appear dressed too formally in the office or going for a walk (Professional or Gentleman Style). Well, therefore, this blog is more focused on Fitness and Casual Men 's Lifestyle with various practical inspirations and tips for men in terms of fashion, grooming and lifestyle.

That's all the tips How to Look Handsome Masculine and Attractive. Even though most of the above methods are easy to do, still you need the effort and willingness to do it. Basically, every man is born with a handsome face. The matter is how do we maximize our handsomeness.

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Mirwan Choky: 15 Ways How to Look Handsome, Masculine, and Attractive
15 Ways How to Look Handsome, Masculine, and Attractive
Ways How to Look Handsome, Masculine, and Attractive
Mirwan Choky
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