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8 Gym Rules You Must Obey

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Mirwaners! Are you a new member at any fitness club? So, it means you need to know the gym rules when exercising in the gym. Even though it is not official, some of these etiquette must be followed so that you and others are equally comfortable while in the gym area.

What are the gym rules that must be obeyed? Read the following explanation, as quoted from the Times of India.

1. Avoid Casual Clothing

When you enter the gym arena, you should wear special sports clothing. Casual dress or office will make you look strange and make other visitors wonder. If you really have to exercise after you hang out with friends or after hours of work, go to the toilet first and change your clothes. Always wear shoes for sports, not flats, sandals or barefoot.

2. Comply with the Specified Duration

There is a reason why fitness centers always limit the time for visitors to use fitness equipment. You use public facilities, and for that, you also have to use it in turn. If the instructor or staff determines that the treadmill can only be used for one hour, then you must stop when the time is up. When finished, don't leave a towel or drink near the meter screen because it will make other visitors think the tool is still being used. Allowing people to wait long to take turns in sports is certainly not good etiquette at the gym.

3. Use Fitness Equipment Well

When lifting weights, whether it's using a dumb bell, barbell or iron plate, try not to hit it on the floor for any reason. Other fitness visitors will feel disturbed by the noise from the device you dropped. If it's not strong enough to pick it up, ask the instructor to help you. Believe me, other people don't want to know how many pounds you have lifted.

4. Return the Fitness Equipment in the Original Place

Never leave a dumbbell lying on the floor after you have finished using it. A person can trip over the device. Put the fitness equipment in its original place. If you use a treadmill or a static bicycle, turn off the parameters on the screen after using it.

5. Avoid chatting too much

Appreciate the privacy of others. People who come to the gym, certainly want to exercise, not chat. It's okay to say hello or a little talk with fellow visitors. But don't miss it. Some people like to listen to music with headphones while exercising. That's a clear sign, if he doesn't want to be talked to. It doesn't mean arrogant, but he just wants to concentrate on exercising. Besides not chatting too much, avoid also looking at people or singing out loud with your iPod.

6. Always Use Deodorant

When exercising, you will definitely sweat and sweat usually causes an unpleasant aroma. For this reason, using deodorant before exercising needs to be done so that people are not bothered by the scent of your body. Imagine if you are near to someone who smell like shit, surely you feel uncomfortable too, right?

7. Plan Your Own Sports Program

Do not come to the gym and choose sports equipment at random. Plan what you will do at the gym. Know what type of exercise you need, then ask a fitness instructor to help. Coming to the gym without planning will make you difficult to get optimal exercise results.

8. Store the Gym Bag in the Locker

Lockers are for use. So, use a locker facility to store your gym bag. Don't carry bags to the gym area. Aside from making you hassle, you can also disturb other people. Think about it, where will you put your bag when you are doing aerobics or lifting weights? The risk of losing your valuable thing is also greater if you don't store them in a locker.

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