32 Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore

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Mirwaners! Geographically, Singapore is the closest location to most major cities in Indonesia. That's why flight tickets to Singapore tend to be the cheapest. It's not difficult to get a plane ticket under one million Rupiah to commute to Singapore. Even the plane ticket is cheap, but the hotel and food are much more expensive than some other countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Even in 2014, according to theguardian.com, Singapore ranked at first as the 'Most Expensive City in the World' (World’s Most Expensive Cities 2014). So, how to get around Singapore with low cost and more efficient? Here is the solution. You can go to these 32 Singapore tourist attractions that are free to visit.

Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore, free things to do in singapore 2019 2020  free things to do in singapore at night  underrated places in singapore  where to go in singapore when bored  free museums in singapore  nothing to do in singapore  things to do in singapore on your own  merlion park singapore for free

Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore

1. Visiting Jewel Changi Airport

The first thing you can do after arriving in Changi Airport, Singapore, is visiting Jewel Changi Airport. Jewel Changi is located at Singapore Changi International Airport, precisely in the middle between Terminal 1 departures, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, so visitors from any terminal at Changi Airport can easily visit Jewel. As seen, Jewel Changi is equipped with the largest indoor waterfall in the world. Really cool Singapore right? 

Jewel Changi, designed by world-renowned architect (Moshe Safdie), is in the form of a dome made of glass and steel and in it features all-in-one facility by combining retail with natural elements on a large scale that is equipped with unique attractions , restaurants and retail shops, and hotels. 

2. Taking Picture at Merlion Park

For those who are the first time in Singapore, you should visit the 8.6 meter half lion and half mermaid statue weighing about 70 tons, which is the symbol of this country. To reach the statue in Merlion Park, opposite Fullerton Hotel, it is very easy. Just take the MRT green line or the red line and get off at Raffles Place MRT Station (EW14 / NS26), then continue walking to the location.

3. Visiting Esplanade, taking picture and enjoying performances

Esplanade, the durian building! You must also take photos here. The location is opposite Merlion Park. To come here, you can walk through the bridge decorated with Bougenville plants. This Esplanade is Singapore's center of art and performance. The free here is not just for photos around the building that does have a beautiful view, but there are often performances of art and music that we can enjoy for free. There is a complete library too, you know!

4. Watching Wonder Full-Light & Water Spectacular show at Marina Bay Sands

From Esplanade you can walk across a spectacular bridge, the Helix Bridge to another building that is also an icon of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. This super-magnificent mall, hotel and casino complex, which opened in 2010, is also the main destination for tourists coming to Singapore.

At the back of this unique building with a roof that unites the three main buildings, similar to a boat, also presents a free show "Wonder Full-Light & Water Spectacular", a visual effect, laser and light attraction for 13 minutes, every hour 8 and 9.30 at night. Especially Friday and Saturday, there are additional performances at 11 pm.

Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore, free things to do in singapore 2019 2020  free things to do in singapore at night  underrated places in singapore  where to go in singapore when bored  free museums in singapore  nothing to do in singapore  things to do in singapore on your own  merlion park singapore for free

5. Taking photo on Helix Birdge

Helix Bridge is also known as the Double Helix Bridge. This bridge was inspired from the form of DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) in the form of a braid of two Helix. The word Helix itself means circular in shape. This bridge is made for the iconic pedestrian in the Marina Bay area to connect the Marina Center with Marina Bay. The Helix Bridge is also made to look light because beside this Helix bridge there is a car bridge with a structure that looks quite heavy.

If you want to go to this Helix bridge, you can use MRT, you can get off at the Promenade and from there just cross over. In addition, you can also enter from the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, the Bayfront MRT. Then, you get out of MRT and head straight to the Shopping Mall and go up to the 3rd floor, then head out to the Promenade.

Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore, free things to do in singapore 2019 2020  free things to do in singapore at night  underrated places in singapore  where to go in singapore when bored  free museums in singapore  nothing to do in singapore  things to do in singapore on your own  merlion park singapore for free

6. Watching light show on Gardens by the Bay

The 100-hectare park behind Marina Bay Sands is also an object for you to visit when you come to Singapore. This park is free to visit, but if you want to see Singapore from above Supertree Grove, OCBC Skyway, only need to spend 5 dollars per person. 

7. Window Shopping in Orchard Road

The most popular street in Singapore? Yes, Orchard Road! It feels incomplete if you haven't visited Orchard Road, the main shopping center in Singapore. The streets, photos and window shopping along this road are certainly free! Usually the most popular ones to visit in Orchard are Lucky Plaza, the area is in front of Takashimaya and the Ion Orchard mall. Just ride the MRT red line to get to Orchard Road, you can get off at Orchard Station (NS22) or Somerset Station (NS23).

8. Enjoying various places on Sentosa Island

One of the biggest 'playgrounds' in Singapore is Sentosa Island. An artificial island that has a beach, various sports facilities, and of course the most popular amusement park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore.

You can enjoy various places on Sentosa Island for free! You only need to pay for transportation to reach this place. The cheapest is to walk from behind the Vivo City mall, Sentosa Boardwalk (S $ 1), Sentosa Express Monorail from Vivo City 3rd floor (S $ 4), and take a Sentosa Rider bus from the middle of the city, can be from Orchard Road, Chinatown and Marina Bay (S $ 5).

9. Taking photo on Universal Studios Singapore Globe

The most popular place to take pictures on Sentosa Island? Of course, it’s Universal World Studios. Without having to pay the entrance fees to this amusement park, you can take photo here for free! Just take the Sentosa Express monorail, get off at Waterfront Station.

10. Vitamin Sea in Siloso Beach Sentosa

One of the most popular beaches on Sentosa Island is Siloso Beach. There’s no wave in this beach. There is a kind of monument in the form of letters that form the word 'Siloso'. The sand is pure white, and there are several beach volleyball courts. To go to Siloso Beach, just take the tram from the waiting area near the Beach Station monorail station.

11. Taking pictures on Merlion Walk Sentosa Island

That's right, on Sentosa Island there is one more Merlion statue. This one is 37 meters high and there is a beautiful park around which there is a waterfall. There is also the Merlion Walk where the path is decorated with sculptures of various shapes decorated with beautiful colorful mosaics. Perfect for spot photos!

12. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is the name of a bridge in the Mount Faber Park area. What is so special about this bridge? The shape is like a wave making the bridge along the 274 meters. It looks beautiful. With a height of 36 meters, Henderson Waves becomes the highest crossing bridge in Singapore, which connects Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. Not only can be visited from morning to evening, but at night the bridge will be lit by interesting light until 2am.

13. Go Hiking at Mount Faber

Mount Faber is a hill as high as 105 meters (344 feet). Located in the city of Bukit Merah in the Central Region of Singapore. Overlooking the Telok Blangah area, and the western part of the Central Region. The peak can be accessed by Mount Faber Road or Mount Faber Loop via Morse Road, but there are many footpaths that lead up the hill. The main lines are: Marang Trail that leads from Marang Road at the Harbourfront MRT station (Exit D) and the South Ridges Park Connector that connects you from Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and Henderson Waves.

14. Singapore River and Raffles Landing Site

This is where you can understand more about the history of Singapore. On the Singapore River side, you can enjoy an interesting view, can take pictures with the background of the Raffles statue at the Raffles Landing Site, the founder and also the governor of Singapore who contributed to building a modern Singapore. There are also various other copper statues in the form of dioramas on the banks of the river, telling the history of this country. Historical buildings also adorn this area, including the Cavenagh Bridge and Fullerton Hotel. To come here, you just need to take the red and green MRT line, then get off at Raffles Place MRT Station (NS26 / EW14).

15. Hanging out on Clarke Quay

One of the most exciting hangouts and photos in Singapore! The Clarke Quay area is filled with old Chinese Shophouse buildings, which are painted in colorful architecture. Lots of restaurants, cafes, jazz clubs and bars. Indeed this is a happening hangout place, always full at night.

If you want to hang out, you can do it here. You don't have to be in one of the cafes, but just buy drinks at 7-Eleven near one of the bridges here, and just enjoy the afternoon or evening sitting on the edge of the very clean Singapore River. Nearest MRT, take the purple line and get off at Clarke Quay MRT Station (NE5).

16. Old Hill Street Police Station

Just across Clarke Quay, precisely at 140 Hill Street, there is an eye catching building, very interesting because of its 927 rows of rainbow-colored windows. It's perfect to be one of your photo spots while in Singapore.

This building was founded in 1934, and in 1998 it was designated as one of the national monuments. Now it is still used as the office of the Ministry of Communications and Information (Ministry of Communication and Information). In the middle of the building there is an ARTrium, usually used for various art exhibitions.

17. Civil Defense Heritage Gallery

Located in Singapore's Central Fire Station, this museum and gallery holds historical items from the Singapore fire department from the late 1800s. This place can also be a place of learning for children about how a fire engine works technically, and also teaches to deal with emergencies. The address is 62 Hill Street, Singapore. The location is close to Clarke Quay MRT Station. Open Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

18. Armenian Church

Only one station away from Raffles Place MRT, precisely near City Hall MRT Station, there is a historical building in Singapore, the Armenian Church. The Christian church on 60 Hill Street was built in 1835 by an Irish architect, George Coleman. He dedicated this church to Coleman's masterpiece to the first Armenian priest, St. Gregory the Illuminator. Many interesting spots to take pictures outside and inside this church.

19. St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Still around City Hall MRT Station, precisely above this MRT station stands the largest cathedral in Singapore, St. Andrew’s Cathedral. This church was designed by Colonel Ronald MacPherson in 1856. The current building is to replace the previous building which was destroyed by the famous lightning strike twice in 1852. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Singapore. It is also the first and largest church in Singapore. This building is also one of the national monuments in Singapore since 1973.

20. Picnic on Singapore Botanic Gardens

Picnic in a beautiful and clean park? You can do in Singapore. Just come to this giant park in the heart of Singapore, truly an oasis in the middle of this modern city. Filled with about 60,000 types of plants, you can visit for free from 5 am to 12 pm. 

21. Shopping on Bugis Street

Bugis Street seems as popular as Orchard Road. All my friends who go to Singapore, must also take the time to stop by Bugis, in addition to Orchard. Why is Bugis so popular? Because the items sold are cheaper and there are many choices if you want to buy souvenirs. Bugis is one of the exciting shopping destinations in Singapore for you to visit. How to come to Bugis Street, just take the MRT green or blue line, get off at Bugis MRT Station (EW12 / BT3).

22. Sultan Mosque

Just walk a few minutes from the Bugis MRT station, you will arrive at the Sultan Mosque. This mosque is the first mosque in Singapore, built in 1824 for Sultan Hussian Shah, the first sultan in Singapore, by the British East India Company.

This gold-domed mosque is in the heart of the Kampong Glam area, which can accommodate around 5,000 worshipers in it. The area around the Sultan Mosque has now also been made more beautiful, making it one of the areas for free tourism in Singapore as well.

23. Finding muslim clothing on Kampong Glam & Arab Street

If heading to the Sultan Mosque, in the vicinity there are areas that are also tourist destinations in Singapore, namely Kampong Glam and Arab Street. This area is a fusion area between Malay and Middle East. You can find small cafes that sell ‘teh tarik’, but next to it sell martabak or other Middle Eastern dishes. Interesting! To find food, I also often come to Kampong Glam Cafe which serves halal menu.

On Arab Street which is the center of the Islamic community in Singapore, you can find a variety of outlets that sell Muslim clothing, worship equipment and also typical Middle Eastern items such as perfume and cloth. 

24. Taking photos on Haji Lane

Haji Lane is the most trendy road in Singapore. On either side of it is a Chinese shophouses building that is more than one hundred years old, but it is still neatly maintained and painted in colorful colors and in some buildings there are also giant graffiti that looks beautiful. Along Haji Lane there are many small restaurants and of course boutiques from local Singaporean designers. 

25. Chinatown

In various major cities in the world, there must be a Chinatown, Singapore is one of them. Although shophouses in this area are not much different from other parts of the old city in Singapore, but the presence of various outlets with Oriental attributes makes this region look different.

The majority of residents in Singapore's Chinatown are indeed of Chinese descent. Here you can also find various souvenirs. So usually if it's not in Bugis, you can look for items for souvenirs here. Besides trinkets, there are many interesting places to eat and snacks around the Chinatown area. Just ride the MRT line purple and yellow, get off at Chinatown Station (NE4 / ER1).

26. Sri Mariamman Temple

If you are in the Chinatown area, do not forget to stop by Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, built in 1827. This temple is also a free tourist spot that is visited by many foreign tourists in Singapore. The most interesting time to come here is when there is a Theemithi celebration, a ceremony walking on fire, around October or November every year.

27. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

The temple and museum which consists of several levels is on South Brigde Road, if you eat at the Maxwell Food Center hawker center, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is directly opposite. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum displays artwork related to Buddhism and also the development of this religion in Singapore. You can enjoy the architecture of the building, enter the Buddhist Culture Museum and Eminent Sangha Museum, free of charge from 9 am to 6 pm. Sometimes there are cultural shows and also film screenings. The nearest MRT station is Chinatown MRT Station.

28. Watching various culture and religious celebration on Little India

Not far from Orchard Road, there is an Indian village in Singapore which is famous for Little India. An environment filled with Indian shops, selling fabrics, handicrafts, Indian food, spices, incense, perfumes and also many affordable hostels.

Singapore Indians also often hold various cultural and religious celebrations here, so if you come at these times, you can watch the festivals in the region. To go to Litte India, just take the purple or blue MRT line and get off at Little India Station (NE7 / BT4), you can also go to Farrer Park Station (NE8).

29. Shopping on Mustafa Center

One place that is not separated from Little India is Mustafa Center. Actually this place is a shopping center or a very large shopping place, consisting of several floors that sell various items from gold jewelry to various snack brands. The one that called Mustafa Center is open 24 hours. The nearest MRT station is Farrer Park Station (NE8), take Exit G, and walk along Rangoon Road, and turn right onto Serangoon Road.

30. Sakya Muni Buddha Style Temple

Not far from Farrer Park MRT station, there is Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple. The temple is located in 366 Race Course Road in which there is a giant Buddha statue as high as 15 meters, weighing about 300 tons. Built by a monk from Thailand, Venerable Vutthisasara in 1927. Admission to the temple is free, but don't forget to keep calm while taking pictures and respecting worshipers. Open from 8 am to 4:45 pm.

31. Leong San See Temple

Still on the same road, Race Course Road, there is another Buddhist temple, Leong San See or Long Shan Si, also known as Dragon Mountain Temple. The temple with a building like an ancient Chinese palace was built around 1913 by Abbot Chuan Wu, then renovated in 1926. Open at 6 am to 6 pm.

32. Doing outdoor activities on East Coast Park

Here it is, the city park which is currently on the rise in Singapore. It becomes a favorite place for Singaporeans because there are so many snacks (hawker centers), cafes and seafood restaurants. The location of this park which is on the beach also makes it a fun and free tourist destination in Singapore. You can do a variety of outdoor activities here, ride a bicycle, fishing, picnic, play rollerblades, skateboard, eat, or relax and enjoy the 15 km long coastline. 

Transportation: Take the MRT to Bedok Station, go to Bedok Interchange and take bus no. 196 or 197, get off at Marine Parade Road. Or take bus no. 16, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 155, 196, 197 and 853 to Marine Parade Road.

That's 32 tourist attractions in Singapore that are free to visit. Actually there are more free things that you can do in Singapore. You can find it at any sources of information. And hopefully this info can be useful for your trip to Singapore! Happy traveling!

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Mirwan Choky: 32 Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore
32 Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore
Top Fun & Free Things To Do in Singapore, free things to do in singapore 2019 2020 free things to do in singapore at night underrated places in singapore where to go in singapore when bored free museums in singapore nothing to do in singapore things to do in singapore on your own merlion park singapore for free
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