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5 Fitness Things You Must Know Before Doing Exercise

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In designing an exercise program, we need 5 components of fitness which are integrated to provide maximum results. These 5 components of fitness have an important function to ensure your success. An overview of these components is as follows:


Goal settings are very important because without a clear purpose how one can determine the right exercise. The key is to follow the basic rules in determining a training target, such as:

- Programs must be specific
- There are benchmarks
- Able to achieve
- Realistic

Try asking questions like: what are my training targets? Does it make sense and can be achieved? How do I meet my training targets? When? Will my circumstances and friends support me? Is my training program written? What is the reward for me if I succeed in meeting my training targets?


You will not be able to exercise without an adequate source of energy. And the source of energy comes from food that is consumed. Or you also will not succeed in losing weight if the calories in exceeds the calories you spent. Combining a diet program and an exercise program is a recipe for your success.


Cardio training is not only an important component of exercise but will also produce a healthy lifestyle. A good cardio program will maximize the body's ability to burn fat, strengthen the heart's work and increase stamina. A healthy cardiovascular system will maximize your body in distributing O2 and nutrients to the muscles you train.


Whatever your training target is, weight training is a component that must not be forgotten. A good program will allow you to practice safely and effectively in a shorter time. By combining cardiovascular exercise, diet and supplementation and a good exercise program will increase your body's metabolism.


By combining the 4 fitness components beforehand you will get the right training program, but many do not have the knowledge in making weight training or cardio programs while adjusting to their dietary patterns to meet their body's needs. An educated & trained Personal Trainer will be able to combine the four previous components in a realistic training program to achieve exercise results and a healthy lifestyle.

By accessing your client's goal, knowing his physical condition, Range of Motion (R.O.M), strengths and weaknesses and eating patterns, a Personal Trainer is able to design one program individually. A Personal Trainer will simplify the complexity in designing training programs and provide strategies to realize their client's training targets.

By using one or combining some of the components above, you will get the results of your training program. But by combining the 5 Components of fitness above, you will definitely get the maximum results, whatever your goals are.

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