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Fitness Myths That Make The Body More Unhealthy

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In the world of fitness, there are many fitness myths to misunderstandings that are sometimes believed to be good for health. Sports routines in the fitness center that have been undertaken are not necessarily true. Here are some myths and fitness facts that are often believed.

Myth # 1 Maintain body shape, should weight training once or twice a week.

Fact: The above amount is not enough. Technically, physical activity must be carried out every day, even if it's just moving. The more we sit and be quiet, the more movement we have to do. For structured training programs, we should do training minimum of three days a week.

Myth # 2 The best exercise time is the morning.

Fact: The most important thing is consistency. Both morning, afternoon and evening, make it a routine habit and the benefits will be equally good. The assumption that exercise is best done in the morning is triggered because the body tends to burn calories faster than at night.

Myth # 3: Weight training turns fat into muscle.

Fact: Fat cannot be converted into muscle, because physiologically, the two are different tissues. Weight training helps build muscle fibers that are covered in fat cells. To erode fat, a healthy and clean diet is needed.

Myth # 4: Games and puzzles are the best brain exercises.

Fact: Recent studies from mental health research and Harvard Medical School show that activities that increase heart rate, make the body move and sweat for a certain period of time will significantly improve brain work.

Myth # 5: Exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Fact: Experts say that exercising is not directly related to burning fat. Weight loss also occurs through diet. In this case researcher Philip Stanforth from the University of Texas said for matters of body weight, diet is more influential than exercise.

Myth # 6: The best way to get 6-pack with sit-ups.

Fact: Sit-ups only train a few parts of the abdominal muscles, while the plank movement trains them as a whole. To get a 6-pack, all muscle parts must be trained evenly. In addition to planks, there are many abdominal exercises that are good for toning, strengthening and keeping it flexible.

Myth # 7: Weight training is only for men.

Fact: Weight training aims to strengthen muscles and has nothing to do with gender. Women produce less testosterone than men, and that causes men to be more muscular than women after routine weight training.

Myth # 8: The body will be shapeless if not trained for two weeks.

Fact: In many cases, the muscles of the human body will relax again within a week if not trained. If you stop exercising, the body will return to its original state, and it takes approximately a week to strengthen the muscles again.

Myth # 9: Marathon is the best way to keep your body fit.

Fact: Marathon running requires good physical readiness and needs to be trained regularly. Running fast for five to 10 minutes every day will provide the same benefits. Research also proves the consistency of a short running exercise every day has the same benefits as a heavy running exercise but is done only occasionally.

Myth # 10: Sports drinks are good for replacing body fluids after exercising.

Fact: Drink products like this actually only consist of a mixture of water and sugar. The best after exercising is drinking mineral water and high-protein snacks as explained by Shawn Arent, sports researcher from Rutgers University to Independent.

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