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Traveling Can Make You Happier Than Getting Married, According to a Study

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For many people, marriage can be the most desirable and happy thing in life. But in reality, according to a recent survey there are some things that are considered more happy than marriage.

A study conducted by Booking.com, revealed that for some people, a vacation was much happier than other important events in life such as getting married or having children.

The study also revealed that people now really value holidays so that this can be at the top of the things that make them happiest in life.

About 49 percent of respondents said they felt happier when planning a vacation than planning a wedding. Nearly half of the people interviewed revealed that when dating with a partner, it does not make them very happy.

Approximately 45 percent stated that being engaged to a lover apparently did not give them a lot of positive emotional impetus like a holiday. Not only that, the research turns out that 29 percent of respondents said, going traveling is much happier than having children.

Citing Brightside, here are a few reasons.

1. Traveling gives you instant happiness

This research was conducted by interviewing 17 thousand people in 17 thousand countries. Respondents confirmed that very few things could replace the happiness of going on vacation. The study also revealed that 77 percent said they booked a vacation when they needed to brighten up the mood.

2. Buying goods cannot give a high level of happiness

The study says that humans today are more appreciative of having new experiences than having new material or new goods. About 70 percent of respondents said that going on vacation could give them satisfaction in a high level far from the happiness they could get from buying goods.

Around 56 percent of respondents prefer to take a vacation rather than to buy new clothes or gadgets. While the other 48 percent postponed home repairs to be able to vacation to new places.`

3. Planning a vacation increases emotional happiness

About 72 percent of respondents said that planning a vacation could make them happier. About 80 percent feel more excited when only looking at a map and choosing a place that will be visited.

But nothing can beat the feeling of happiness at the thought of going shopping for a vacation. More than half of respondents claim that they buy clothes for the holidays is one of the most pleasant things.

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