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4 Ways How to be A Cool Guy

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Being a cool guy isn't that hard. Prioritize your intention and effort. Cool guys are criteria desired by women. That's why many guys want to be cool. Including me whom are motivated because of that. I have a cool, high-level friend. Almost all girls pay attention to him. I envy. But this is envious in a good context. How to be cool like him. Surely a lot of people want to be cool guys. But many of them have not succeeded. No need to despair. For you who want to be a cool guy, here are four tips for you:

1. Watch out your words

There is a saying "Your mouth, your tiger". Even though it's physically impossible to analogy, your mouth is a tiger. But this is true. If you say good things the impact will return to you. If you say bad things, it will also affect you. Not a few people get into trouble because of their own words. This is proof that "your mouth is your tiger" is true.

Watching out you words can make you look cool. Most womenfolk like men who speak politely, not rude, and can be arranged. Surely this is a plus for the guy. Besides being a cool guy, this is also useful for your future life. So it is more interesting to communicate, be invited to do business by your friends, and succeed.

2. Take care of your appearance

I’m not someone who is too concerned about appearance. You can search for knowledge and references on Google. Appearances do not have to be like artists and models. It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive too. What's important is enough.

There is a saying "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover". Although this saying is widely known, there are still many people who do not use this saying. Look after your appearance.

3. Use Perfume

Everyone including women like people who have a fragrant body scent. There are so many types of perfume in this world. Ranging from expensive to cheap, and branded to not. It's up to you to choose which one is important to smell.

It is long-lasting or not, just think about it later. Always carry perfume wherever you go, to anticipate your body odor coming out suddenly.

4. Keep calm

No need to do things that don't need to be done. Wherever and whenever. For example, like panic, talkative, and afraid. Because it doesn't make you look cool. Do what you think is necessary. Suppose someone gets into trouble, if you think you need to help, you should help immediately.

Cool has no standard. Cool is relative. Remember if you already feel cool, you don't need to use it to be a playboy. Because it can hurt a girl's heart.

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