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5 Ways How To Lose Your Body Weight Easily

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Hi, everyone. So, actually you don’t need to adopt a diet program like a bodybuilder, unless you want to be a bodybuilder. If you just want to lose body weight to be ideal, just consume healthy foods with adequate portions. In addition, there are several easy ways to lose weight without torturing yourself, here are some steps you can implement:

Drink water before eating

According to research, drinking water before eating can help you lose weight. Drinking water before eating can create a feeling of fullness, so as to avoid the frenzy of eating which results in obesity. In addition, you need to realize that thirst sometimes appears to resemble hunger. So when you start feeling hungry, try to overcome it by drinking water first, and only eat on time. By applying this method, the number of calories you consume can be reduced.


Did you know, breakfast is an important part of weight loss? With breakfast, you can reduce the desire to snack among meal times. Getting used to have breakfast also reduces hunger during the day. The effect, the desire to consume excessive amounts of food at lunch time will also be reduced.

Eat the right foods

For those of you who are in the weight loss program, it is recommended to consume vegetables and high protein. Protein foods can help the body burn fat and become a source of energy. Choose a healthy source of protein for the body, such as egg, yogurt, lean meat, seafood, soybeans, beans or cheese. In addition, try to stay away from fried foods. Besides being unhealthy for the body, eating fried foods can result in fat buildup in your body.

Eat in small portions

To anticipate eating in small portions, use a plate with a small size. According to research, eating with a plate or small bowl can make you accustomed to eating small portions, so the amount of calorie intake that enters the body will also be reduced.

Eating small portions but often, which is 5-6 times a day, is better in helping you lose weight than eating large portions as much as 3 times a day.


Aside from maintaining your diet, make sure you have a good time for sleep. Because, when you lack of sleep, the production of the hormone ghrelin which stimulates appetite can increase. The effect, you will consume high-calorie foods in large quantities. Of course this will make your weight loss diet a mess.

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