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6 Gym Slang Terms You Need to Know

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This article is for beginners who just want to learn about fitness. It's not difficult to memorize because there are only a few fitness / gym slang terms commonly used as below :


Repetition of a fitness movement. For example : 3 repetitions jump, then that means you jump 3 times.


Represents a series of repetition movements where there is a break usually around 1-2 minutes. For example: 3 sets x 12 repetitions Push Up means that you do 12 reps of push ups, then rest 1-2 minutes, then do 12 reps push up again then rest 1-2 minutes and continue 12 reps of push ups again.


An attempt to increase muscle mass or net weight, can be by doing exercise or eating food.


The opposite of bulking, which is an attempt to lose weight, especially fat and water.


Milk that has been processed so that the protein content is higher than ordinary cow's milk and less fat. Usually in the form of milk powder.


Whey is processed so that it is easily absorbed by muscles. Usually in the form of capsules or large tablets.

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