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Fitness Tips: When is the Best Time for Exercise?

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No matter whether you are undergoing weight training or aerobic exercise routinely, I'm sure you often find information that is opposite to each other about "best training time".

Is the best time in the morning? In the morning, the level of the hormone testosterone in the body is at its highest point. Testosterone levels have a significant effect on weight training performance, so it makes sense to lift heavy loads at this time. But again, is morning the best time? Or maybe just 8 hours after waking up is the ideal time for exercise, as this will optimize our biological cycle (circadian)?

How about during the day, when our body temperature rises? Does this mean that daytime is a more appropriate time to undergo aerobic training? Since our tolerance for aches, pains, or pain (pain threshold) is at its highest point in the afternoon, does that mean that the afternoon is the best time for aerobic exercise?

My recommendation is to try all the time above and feel which one works better for you. More importantly, find out when is the best time where you feel the most energetic and powerful. This means that your ideal time for training can be in the morning, if you are someone who usually wakes up in the morning, or it can also be at night after work because you don't feel rushed in your training.

On the other hand, your body will be able to adapt to your training time, whether morning, afternoon, evening or night. So, even if you consider yourself not a morning person, if indeed morning is the only time available for you to do your exercise without disrupting your other daily activities, please just do your exercise routine in the morning for several weeks and feel whether you you can adapt to the practice time. Also make sure your eating and sleeping schedule supports you to exercise in the morning. Do not let because you have to rush to exercise in the morning, you are lacking sleep or you are forced to exercise with hungry stomach.

Conversely, if your workout time is after work, make sure you have your meals at least a few hours before workout time. Do not let you run out of energy because of hunger in the middle of your training.

In essence, whenever you exercise (or the time you have to exercise), make sure you get enough sleep and your diet is maintained. Both are supporting factors for your practice, at any time. You certainly don't want your stomach growling while you dd exercise, right?

The main thing is to try to be consistent with your training time because if you are consistent with your training time, your meal / sleep time will automatically be consistent too.

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