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10 Face Changing Apps 2020 | Want to Look Younger?

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Lately there are several applications for changing face, such as, change face to anime, cartoons, or even swap face. Not only change face into cartoons, but also change your face to be anything. Swap face with friends, make your face look younger or older, or even turn your face into a baby. It’s really interesting, right?

It's definitely really fun if you do it in your spare time with friends or family. Or maybe to share on your social media.

In this article, Mirwans Today will discuss 10 best face changing applications that you can install on both your Android and iOS device.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp is a face changing application that has been viral lately, because it can change face using three presets in one application. Not only change your face to young or old, but also you can change your face to look like a Hollywood artist. You can also add several filters such as makeup, changing the background. The app is available for free on iOS and Android, but there are some premium filters.

2. SnapChat

Snapchat is one of the popular social media that is used by many millennials. Because, it’s real time effects are very funny and interesting. One of the things that make SnapChat used by most people is that you can change your face to other people’s face next to you. Yep, you can do a face swap, aka swap faces with the person next to you. This social media is an online face change application, so you cannot use it offline. Snapchat is available on both iOS and Android devices.

3. Face Switch

Not only as an application for changing people's face, but also it can also combine the first face with the second face using the Face Switch application. So you can see what your face looks like when combined with your partner, friends, or even your family with this application. Through this photo editing application, you can change your eyes, nose, lips, or even your skin tone. Want to be more beautiful? Use this application to change your face to be beautiful.


The MSQRD application is another application belonging to Facebook which is a face changing application. But here you can't change your face to be beautiful, old, young, or even swap faces. What's unique about MSQRD is that you can change your face with filters on various animals, monsters, and even zombies. Of course, it's different from the Instagram filter that's just like that. This application is suitable for having fun with friends or family. Unfortunately, Facebook recently removed this app from both Play Store and App Store.

5. Face Swap

Face Swap is a really fun face changing application that has pretty neat edits. It won't even show that it's an edit, you know! The very smooth facial editing results make you swap faces to look perfect with friends or family. In addition, this application also provides other features such as Face Bomb Effect which can change a photo containing several faces into the face of one person.

6. Mixbooth

If you want to get a different experience using a face changing application, you can try using MixBooth. This application is quite entertaining because it can mix two faces into one face. Many couples and young people use this application to guess their child's face later. Simply add two photos with different faces, then you will get a mixture of the two faces automatically.

7. Face Changer

Face Changer application is not only an application to change your face or swap your face. You can change all the elements on your face. You can change your hair to be bald, your nose to look like a pig's nose, and your eyes to turn red to make it look like an alien. If you want to prank friends or just for entertainment, this application is perfect for you. This application also supports changing faces via video.

8. Multi Face Blender

If earlier there was an application that could combine two photos, but with Multi Face Blender you can combine photos of up to three photos at once. As the name implies, this application is devoted to mixing some face photos into one face photo only. How to use it is easy. You only need to select the photos you want to mix, then this application will automatically mix all the photos.

9. Face Swap Booth

Changing your friend’s face next to you might feel boring, how about replacing all members of the K-Pop boyband BTS with your face? This face changing application can do it. With Face Swap Booth allows you to change other people's faces with your own or other people's faces. Even though it's not as famous as Snapchat or FaceApp, Face Swap Booth is still really good to try on a fun time.

10. Aging Booth

Applications that changing your face to be a baby or younger may be common, but what about applications that can change your face to be older? With the AgingBooth application, you can see your face is older than your actual age. AgingBooth produces detailed facial wrinkles that will make you look older. You only need to take a picture of yourself and then edit it in the AgingBooth application. You can get your face photos that look much older.

That's all that Mirwans Today can discuss about changing face. Of course, it's fun trying with friends to swap faces or change faces into animal pictures. Hopefully this article is useful for you. See you in the next interesting article!

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