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10 Things Not To Do in Hotel

10 Things Not To Do in Hotel, hotel rules, hotel ettique,

Hello, Mirwaners! How many times have you stayed in a hotel this month? Did you know that hotel also have some unwritten rules? Please note that there are some things that cannot be done while you are staying in a hotel. It is because there will be problems with security or comfort matters. So, before something bad happen, you are advised not to do these 10 things.

Here are 10 things you shouldn't do while staying in a hotel:

1. Taking home items that are not permitted to take home

There are some items that can be brought home from the hotel such as slippers, shampoo, soap, or toiletries. However, other items such as bathrobes, pillows, blankets, glasses, and many more are not allowed to be brought home. If you get caught, you may be subject to fines from the hotel.

2. Breaking goods and not confessing

If you do break things during your stay, tell the hotel. It is not only a matter of fines, but shards of glass are dangerous for other guests who are going to stay because they are difficult to see by housekepping.

3. Cooking 

Some of us might want to save on food costs by cooking in the hotel room. This is allowed if there is a kitchen in the hotel room. But if the kitchen is not available, cooking can trigger a fire alarm. Also avoid cooking using tools that are not supposed to be, such as cooking instant noodles in a teapot. It makes the teapot hard to clean and smelled.

4. Opening the Shower Door while Bathing

Actually there is nothing wrong with opening the shower room door while taking a shower, but it will be problematic if you take a shower using hot water, then steam rises to the fire alarm and triggers a fire warning.

5. Refilling the Mini Bar

Some hotel guests trick the hotel by refilling their liquor with soda drinks. If caught, the hotel will give a fine many times then usual price.

6. Sending Confidential Information via Wifi Hotel

Either in hotels or in other public places, never send confidential information such as accessing online banking services or shopping using a credit card from public Wifi. Because this is prone to being hacked and breaking financial accounts.

7. Bringing Pets

Never bring a pet when staying in a hotel, unless the hotel does have pet regulations. Penalties include fines, expulsion, until removed from the list of future guests waiting if this happens.

8. Using Decorative Pillows and Bed Sheets

It's no secret that decorative pillows and sheets are not routinely replaced, unless they are really dirty and smelly. Avoid using these two items.

9. Smoking in the Room

If you are a smoker, ask for a smoking room. If you are smoking in a room which is not for smoking, the fine is high, depending on the regulations of each country.

10. Eat Smelly Foods

Eating in the hotel room is fine, but eating smelly food is not allowed. An example is the durian fruit, which is even banned from entering the hotel lobby.

So, for those who are about to stay in a hotel, please do keep these 10 things in mind. 

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