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8 Tips How to Stay Awake and Avoid Feeling Sleepy at Work

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Mirwaners! There are many ways to stay awake and avoid feeling sleepy at work. This is important to know in order to maintain a professional attitude and optimize your productivity at work. The ways to get rid of sleepiness and fatigue at work that you need to apply actually cannot be separated from the activity patterns that you do before leaving for work and during work. The reason is, some habits have proven effective in reducing the drowsiness and fatigue.

Tips How to Stay Awake and Avoid Feeling Sleepy at Work

Getting enough sleep at night, starting the day with breakfast, and drinking enough water can help reduce the drowsiness and fatigue at work. If you have implemented this but sleepiness and fatigue still occurs, there are several ways you can do to overcome it. The following are some of them:

1. Stay active at work

Sitting too long can trigger drowsiness and fatigue. Therefore, in work times, you are advised to take a short walk, either to go to the toilet, pick up the phone, or visit a coworker's desk to discuss work that is being done together. Doing an activity like this for just five minutes can keep you awake for up to an hour later. So, take a moment to get up from the desk.

2. Do not stare at the computer screen continuously

Tired eyes and stuffy thoughts as constantly staring at a computer screen can make you tired and sleepy. So, periodically move your eyes and attention from the computer screen to something else to rest your eyes and refresh your mind.

3. Regulate breathing

Drowsiness can be gone if oxygen levels in the brain are sufficient. Therefore, when you feel sleepy, try to regulate your breathing again. The trick is to take a deep breath using the stomach, then hold for a moment and exhale through the mouth. Do this up to 10 times.

4. Drinking enough water

Dehydration can make you feel drowsy and fatigue. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water, which is at least 1 large glass every hour.

5. Consuming caffeinated drinks

One of the popular ways to get rid of sleepiness and fatigue at work is to drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Caffeine can indeed repel drowsiness, but you are advised to consume just a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee can lead to dehydration, and then you feel fatigue. So if you want to drink coffee, make sure your water needs are still fulfilled. In addition, avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon so that you don't have trouble sleeping at night.

6. Eating healthy snacks

Low blood sugar levels can cause the body to feel weak. In this condition, snacks can be useful to increase energy and ward off drowsiness and fatigue.

Healthy snack choices that can energize the body include:

- Whole grain crackers

- Nuts

- Cut fruit, such as watermelon, melon, orange

7. Listening to music

The next way to get rid of sleepiness and fatigue is to listen to music using earphones. Music with a loud beat, such as rock and pop music, can make you more energized and forget about feeling sleepy and tired.

8. Take a short nap

If drowsiness becomes unbearable, take a break to take a short nap for 10–20 minutes. If it's not possible or if you can't sleep, close your eyes on your stomach at your desk for 10 minutes without any distraction so you can come back refreshed.

The methods above can relieve drowsiness and fatigue. However, keep in mind that getting your daily sleep needs is very important. So, make sure you get enough sleep at night and avoid the habit of staying up late so that your body stays in shape the next day.

Drowsiness can also be a sign of certain diseases. If you have enough sleep at night and the methods above do not relieve the sleepiness and fatigue you feel at work, try to see a doctor to find out the cause of your complaint.

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