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Transiting Guide at Singapore Changi Airport while Pandemic (Covid-19)

Transiting Guide at Singapore Changi Airport while Pandemic (Covid19)

Mirwaners! To be able to make flight transfers without immigration checks, you will be required to pay in advance for the transfer facility on your flight. Most of the transfer flights purchased simultaneously already provide transfer facilities. Please check with the ticketing agent if you are unsure. But if your flight ticket does not include transfer facilities, please perform immigration checks for arrival, collect your baggage (if applicable), and proceed to the check-in counter for the next flight.

Transiting Guide at Singapore Changi Airport 

If you have a ticket for a transfer flight with baggage checked in directly to the final destination, when you land in Singapore for Transit Passenger, you will be immediately escorted by several officers to be sent to the Transit Area room. As Mr. Anton Sumarli, managing director of Travelux Travel, said on his Instagram account that while you are in transfer process, you are not allowed to walk alone. You are also not allowed to walk in groups but walk one by one to keep on social distancing.

In the transit area, you cannot go anywhere else. In the Transit Area, there are only toilets, and beverage vending machines and hot meals. There are 1-2 booths that sell light meals. If you want to buy something on Vending Machines, you must use SGD small denominations and a Singapore Local Bank Card. You cannot use Credit Card. For Shopping, you cannot go directly to the store, but you have to pre-order with the ishopchangi.com website and pre-ordered items can be picked up in the transit area by reporting to the officer in the transit area. 

After boarding time arrives, you will be summoned and escorted back directly to the plane. No Swab / PCR Checks for Transits in Singappre. For more information, please refer to the flight information displays displayed around the transit area, or visit Changi Experience Agents (CEAs). Hopefully this information is useful for you.

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