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7 Best Tiktok Video Editing Apps That Make You Go Viral

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Mirwaners! Are you tired of using Tiktok itself to edit video for TikTok? Or do you want to try to make a unique video? Well, as long as you #StayHome, maybe you are stuck and want to make as many TikTok videos as possible. Well, it seems you need some apps for making Tiktok videos. For regular users, you can create TikTok using some of video editing applications below so that the final result of your TikTok video is different from the others.

7 Best Tiktok Video Editing Apps

1. Inshot

InShot has a user interface that is easy to understand and use. The existing features are also not inferior to other video editing applications. For example, the video merger & joiner feature that can combine several videos into one long video for TikTok, the feature to add video borders and background colors, various filters and effects, text and stickers, and much more.

2. Funimate

This application can be the main reference for those of you who want to edit videos using slowmotion effects, lip-sync videos, and others. Funimate was chosen as the editor of choice for the Play Store, you know. The features provided include 100 advanced video effects, emojis, stickers, and various texts, video collab features, to short video editing features for direct upload to TikTok.

3. Kinemaster Pro

This application is highly recommended by professional editors. Ranked 3rd highest and also selected as the editor's favorite application Play Store. You can edit videos without limitations, because it allows many layer features ranging from images, text, video, audio, animation, and more. There are also slow motion effects, EQ presets, ducking, and auto volume for immersive audio. The drawback is the watermark that appears when your application is on free version.

4. Vizmato

The features on Vizmato are really cool, you know! You can create text, themes, filters, visual effects and background music to change the video. There is also a video and GIF recording feature, Audio FX for voice modulation to make it sound like a baby, a squirrel in Chipmunk, and more. There are even 40 visual effects and 20 filters and themes that can make your TikTok videos even more lively!

5. Power Director

Next, this application is ranked 5th in the Play Store in "Top Grossing". There are more than 30 effects and transition effects, then you can also edit using a green screen. Well, if you want to make the video look like a movie, you can add a soundtrack and sound that supports it. There is also a feature to make collages of several different videos. It definitely will make you addicted. 

6. Video Show

This video editing application also has many cool features. Among them duplicate, split, merge, blur to zoom. Besides being easy for novice editors, this application is free of watermarks, so you don't have to worry. Anyway, there are also fast/slow motion features, video dubbing, reverse video, and even doodles! Interesting, right?

7. Glitchy

You know, the glitch filter or random distortion effect that's been hot lately? Well, you can use the Glitchy application to make your TikTok videos even cooler. There are many glitch & VHS effects, retro or classic effects from the 1980s-1990s, and there are also illusion, blur and twist features that are no less unique.

Well, those are some video editing apps that can make your TikTok even better. Of course there are many other applications, you just need to be creative and consistent in editing. 

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