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Example of Descriptive Text about Kitchen

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There is a kitchen in my house. My mother always cooks in the kitchen. It is not large but very clean. It is because my mother always cleans it after she finished cooking. There are kinds of cooking utensil in the kitchen. There is a gas stove. There are also one frying pan, three pans, one knife, and three spatulas. There are also modern tools in the kitchen. There is  a rice cooker. My mother uses it to cook rice. There is also an oven. My mother likes making cake using the oven to bake the cake.

Answer the qustion below :

How many kitchen utensils are below?

1. There are ............ spatulas.

2. There is ............ frying pan.

3. There are ............ knives

4. There is .................. rice cooker.

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