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How to Set Up a Successful Dance Studio

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You need to be passionate. You need to be a great, motivating teacher. You need to have clear business sense. Once you have these three, you are ready to start a thriving fitness business. If you aren’t all three, then know it is entirely possible to build up a fitness and lifestyle brand online slowly, as you bring people along with you on your journey to become more proficient in the exercise of your choice. 

Some, of course, are already there. If you were a professional dancer, and are now looking for a way to step back away from performances for an even more lucrative, stable career, then starting up a dance studio of your own is an excellent way forward. There are many ways to start a thriving dance studio, and you will always want to play to your own strengths, but with this guide, you’ll be able to better set yourself apart and put success closer within your grasp: 

1. Know How You Can Stand Out 

Between teachers, fitness styles, aesthetics, and more, you will realize that each fitness studio offers a slightly unique experience automatically, but that doesn’t mean that they stand out from one another to newcomers. You can use a unique aesthetic, or you can offer a unique approach. You can offer low-cost couples dance classes for a date night event, for example, and then use that as your way to introduce newcomers to a variety of other dance classes. You can offer dance weight-loss classes or classes to genuinely teach increasingly advanced moves. 

The best way to get started is to choose one key focus. You can always expand, as your customers come and love your service and are willing to try out different areas, but when you start out, a great idea is to have a small offering and one unique business idea that helps bring in customers and helps you stand out from your competition

2. Ensure Your Management System is Seamless 

This isn’t just to make it easier for you to manage your clients; it is also to offer your clients a better, more personalized experience for themselves. Studiolabsoftware.com dance software is a great example of how the right management system can help your business run better and bring in more business. Not only does it make it easy to manage clients, classes, and more, it also helps increase enrolments with packaged class deals and even gives your clients their own custom online portal where they can apply for classes, make payments online, and even reschedule as necessary. This makes it easier to manage your studio and also puts your customers first in a way that fosters great relationships. 

3. Encourage Referrals 

People like to work out with their friends, and you’ll find that dancing is the same, but finding a great fitness studio is difficult for many people. Take advantage of both of these facts and give your existing customers an incentive to refer their friends and family. You could offer a deal. If a friend starts a class, they get 20% off, and the customer who referred them can get a free class for every four friends they refer this way to you. These types of incentives can help people take a chance on you, but you will need to wow them with a beautiful space, friendly instructors, and a customer-centric management system that makes it feel simple and easy to book and manage future dance classes. 

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