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10 Hotel Secrets Revealed by Ex-Employees

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Guys, did you know that there are many secrets of the hospitality world that you rarely know? When you stay at hotel, one thing that you want is comfortable, right? So, to feel comfortable when you stay in hotel, you should consider the following reviews.

A number of former hotel employees in various countries reveal many hotel secrets when they are still actively working. Most of the secrets have to do with cleanliness. As I have read on Detik Travel, here’s the secrets that you have to know :

10 Hotel Secrets Revealed by Ex-Employees

1. Clean the glass using furniture polish

Jacob Tomsky, a former hotel employee in New York who had worked as a receptionist and housekeeping manager, shared his experience. He explained how hotel staff clean guest rooms, including how to clean glasses which was quite surprising. Employees use furniture polish to clean glasses. "Of course not all, but some of them use furniture polish on drinking glasses. Keeping the glass 'look' clean is also part of the job," says Jacob.

2. Toilet paper that is not replaced

Former hotel employee, Janessa Richard revealed this via TikTok. He said hotels, including luxury ones, would disguise the shape of toilet paper as if it had never been used before.

"They don't change toilet paper between guests," he said.

"If there's toilet paper left on the roll, they'll just leave it there and fold the ends to make it look pretty," she says.

3. Be careful with the cleanliness of the buffet food

Brandi August, a woman who claims to have worked in a number of hotels for 15 years, said the breakfast buffet was far from hygienic. He shared his opinion on TikTok. He claims the management and hotel are not really serious about preparing breakfast for guests. Hence, many standards are cut so that the costs incurred are minimized, including ignoring cleanliness.

4. Most annoying guest behavior

A former Canadian hotel employee, Janessa Richard, feels things that irritate her while working as a receptionist. According to her, guests always want to get something for free.

5. Don't make your bed before check-out

The former hotel employee advised that guests are prohibited from making their beds when they are going to check-out. A neat bed will actually confuse employees.

"If we think you haven't used the bed at all, we probably won't change the sheets," said a former Australian resort employee.

"So, it's better to leave it in a condition that looks like it's been slept in," he asserted.

6. Try to come late

A former hotel employee shares a secret for travelers who want to stay at the hotel. Based on his personal experience, he recommends that guests try to arrive later than the specified check-in time. For example, the hotel sets a check-in time at 13.00 but, try to arrive late, for example at night. Who knows you will be able to upgrade your room with a special offer.

7. Don't put the bed down, you can be fined

Recently there was a Tiktok video from a hotel reminding visitors not to bed down. In the post, it is seen that housekeeping checks the room after the guest checks out. The position of the mattress at that time was under and the staff immediately reported it to the receptionist. Hotel guests who were still in the lobby were subject to a fine of IDR 350 thousand.

8. Don't use glasses in the room

Janessa Richard is a former hotel employee in the US. Through Tiktok, he often shares videos of tips and tricks for staying at hotels. All of that is based on his experience as a hotel employee. Janessa asked travelers not to just use the glass to drink water, because hotel workers usually don't wash or clean the glass.

9. Don't lie down on the bed right away

Janessa Richard is again sharing advice regarding hotel stays. He advised not to lie down on the blanket immediately. The reason, according to Janessa, is because hotel employees usually rarely wash the blankets. Usually the hotel employees just tidy it up.

10. Courteous guests can get room upgrades

Still from Janessa Richard, she said there was an opportunity for travelers to upgrade hotel rooms at no additional cost. Janessa said the opportunity could be obtained if the traveler was impressive to hotel employees. Janessa recommends that guests always be kind and courteous at check-in. If a room upgrade is not offered, guests can ask if they can improve the service for free.

However, she also reiterated, each hotel has a different policy in providing free room upgrades and this is only based on his experience while working in a hotel in Canada.

Well, those are all that I can share with. I hope this article is usefull for you.

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