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How to Download Twitter Videos With/Without Application

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The most up-to-date and fast social media platform providing viral news and breaking news is Twitter. So it's not surprising that many people are looking for ways to download Twitter videos.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, since it was first released in March 2006 Twitter has successfully demonstrated its existence. Even today, there are approximately 192 million active users who are still loyal to using this platform.

Timeline and trending lists on Twitter always provide interesting and up-to-date news. For example, news of an earthquake or a disaster that occurred, there must have been photos and videos uploaded to Twitter. So you need to know how to download Twitter videos. But, don't be worry, here I ‘m gonna tell you how to download videos from Twitter!

How to Download Twitter Videos Without Application

Basically there are two easy ways that you can do to be able to download Twitter videos, namely without using an external application and without an external application. Here's how to download videos from Twitter without an application:

To be able to download Twitter videos without using an application, you just need to use some of the recommended tools that I describe below. Here are some recommended tools for downloading videos on Twitter:

1. Twitter Video Downloader

2. SaveTweetVid

3. SaveFrom.net

4. DownloadTwitterVideo.com

How to use it is as follows:

1. Copy the Twitter video link that you want to download, by clicking the Share icon > Copy Link to Tweet.

2. Then, visit the SaveTweetVid site and paste the link earlier into the column provided, then click the Download button.

3. You will be taken to the download page, where you can choose the quality, format, and size of the video. Or, you can also convert it to mp3 format. There, press the Download button which is next to the selected resolution.

4. After that, you will be directed to the video page. Click the vertical three dots button in the lower right corner and select Download.

How to Download Videos from Twitter Using External Apps

One of the applications for downloading videos from Twitter that we recommend is through Twitter Videos.

To be able to use the Twitter Videos application, you just need to follow the steps below:

1. Download “Download Twitter Videos” app.

2. If it has been successfully installed, then open your Twitter account and find the video/gif you want to download.

3. Then click the Share button under the video/gif tweet. Press Share Tweet Via and select the Download Twitter Videos app.

4. Then automatically, you will be directed to the Download Twitter Videos application and asked to select the desired video/gif resolution option.

5. And congratulations! The video/gif is now saved on your device

Thus is a review on how to download videos from Twitter with and without additional applications, hopefully it can provide a reference for those of you who want to download videos via Twitter.

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