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How to Make Dollars after Downsizing

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Unfortunately, many have found themselves in the predicament of having their hours cut at work due to the downsizing of the workforce. Indeed, some have come out a lot worse and found that they no longer have a job, so they’ve lost the salary they relied upon so heavily to cover the cost of living for their families.

However, there are jobs you can do to recoup some of the money that you are suddenly finding yourself short of, no matter what your particular skillset may include. Continue reading to find three of these jobs that could be yours to enjoy. 

Delivery driving

Although you may not have thought about it, you could set yourself up as a part-time delivery driver, from fast food, to shipping work. Of course, if you are wanting to set yourself up as a door-dash driver, you will need to contact your local fast food outlets to see which hours are available for you. But if you are wanting to be a little more in control of your delivery driving, you could look for shipping work on sites such as Shiply; this is where businesses and members of the public, list their shipping so that drivers can bid on the work that they want to do.

Virtual assistant

You may want to become a virtual assistant for a small business: providing them with a virtual front office, taking calls, answering emails, and making appointments etc. Those businesses that hire the services of virtual assistants, may not have enough work to warrant hiring someone full-time, or even have the premises for a a physical front office. If you are a well-organized person, you may even be able to serve a couple of businesses in order to recoup some of the money you have lost due to downsizing at work.

Answering surveys

A very quick and easy way of getting a little bit of extra cash in your pocket, is to answer surveys, whether it is face-to-face, over the phone, or more likely, online. It may get a little tedious, and there may not be heaps of money available per survey, however, you can ignore them, if you’re not in the mood, and they often come with a rough competition time scale, so you know roughly how long it will take you to complete, you can schedule them around your other commitments, and there are many varieties of them available.

Final thoughts

It is not all doom and gloom when you find that your hours have been cut at work, even if it means that your wages fall short of what you are use to. It could very well open up doors for you, to try and explore other ways of making money, whether it is by doing the odd bit of ad-hoc delivery driving, trying your hand at becoming a virtual assistant for a small business, or having a sense of freedom and sitting (or standing) anywhere you want to, while answering surveys online.

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